like you wouldn’t believe

Yeah, ok, so I know I really should be, like, working on that assignment I have due next Friday, or maybe studying or something, but I haven’t blogged in quite a long time, and it would be a shame to pass up on this opportunity. Probably will be the last time I blog until after exams. Have to be resolute and resilient and whatever on this. Need to get cracking on some hard core study.

Of course, peoples would say that you need a break from study now and then, but, believe me, I’ve had so many breaks from study these last few weeks. I reckon I’ve actually gone out more and stayed out more in these last few weeks than I did at the start of semester. And almost certainly more than I did during uni last year – both semesters combined. So, really, point is, this break/procrastination is quite unnecessary (but that’s not going to stop me).

I’m not even going to try to count how many times I’ve gone out or stayed back at uni late in these last few weeks. (Note here that "staying back at uni late" usually did not involve productive work of any kind.) I definitely don’t regret having spent my time as I have. Perhaps once swotvac is over I’ll be wondering if I could have better divided my time, but, I reckon, if anything, I’d regret not having more time.

Well, my time allocation has worked ok so far. I’ve had so many assignments and prac reports and whatever throughout this semester, and, even with all the time I’ve spent not doing productive work (or any sort of work for that matter), I still managed to get it all done. And to a reasonable standard, too (if I may say so myself). Now, with just one more week of uni left, it’s just a matter of finishing off one last assignment, and then getting on with studying. Doesn’t seem so bad…

Actually, I’m still alternating between being stressed and not stressed. Clearly, at the moment, I’m not that stressed – otherwise I would be off assignment-ing/studying instead of writing this. But then, of course, I’ll think of all the stuff we’re expected to learn and remember, and then I’d freak out, and wonder why on earth I’m not studying right at this very moment. Yeah, no, seriously, I’m fine.

I didn’t mean to make this entry all about uni and study and stress and whatever else. But that’s a lot of what’s going on in my life at the moment. There’s a lot of other stuff going on in my life, but seeing as we are getting ever closer to exam time, it’s probably better to stick to this sort of stuff, so that I can release some stress from this area of my life (and, who knows, maybe you’ll get the stress and decide that you really do need to go off and study).

I also really need to sleep more. Sleep deprivation is really not helping my memory. Having difficulty keeping things in my memory. When I think of stuff like that, I just get this cartoon-type image of someone trying to cram a load of stuff into a box, and then, the moment they let go, thinking that the box is sufficiently secured, everything inside the box just explodes out, sending the person running for cover in a crazed panic. Well, ok, I only just thought of that then, but you get the idea.

Even as I’m typing this, I’m actually quite sleepy. Well, I wasn’t that sleepy before, but I’ve gotten quite sleepy now. I would just go off and sleep now, but I’m still waiting for my hair to dry (I had a late shower because I got home late because I went out for dinner because I got kidnapped). Yes, I’m quite sure there’s a hairdryer somewhere in my house but, clearly, I can’t be bothered with that now.

Ok, maybe it was not so great to finish off an entry about studying with stuff about sleeping. Apologies if reading this has made you too sleepy to study. There are quite simple solutions to sleepiness, drowsiness, or, to use the fancy medical term for it, somnolence. Of course, effectiveness of these solutions varies, so I won’t bother listing them here (not that I’d be bothered anyway – too tired to be bothered). The best solution, of course, is simply to go sleep. And that, I think, is what I shall go do now. (After I completely tire myself out with a bit more study, of course.)

…and in the end I want to be standing at the beginning with you.

2 thoughts on “like you wouldn’t believe

  1. somehow it seems that many ppl have been kidnapped to mei\’s resto last night lolhmm and should i mention that this is once in a while that u didnt include any sort of biology/pharmacology stuffs in this space? >.> not that i got addicted to reading that or anything thing close to it, but u know.. just pointing out the difference. And lately it seems that quite a few ppl have been putting romantic stuffs on their names/blogs ==" a bit curious about this phenomenon altho dont feel like asking.. haha finally, INDEED reading this blog of yours made me yawn 4 times already … and i guess i should just go off to bed too = =

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