break down

Can’t believe this mid-semester break has gone by so quickly. Actually, considering everything that needed to be done, it would be quite weird for it to go by slowly, so, I suppose, I can believe it. (Always think of Naruto when I see/hear the phrase "believe it". Also think of Nickelback’s "far away", which I’ve taken such a liking to in recent weeks. Actually, I don’t remember when I first started to really like it, so it might even have been a few months.)

Before these holidays started, I’d thought that I’d be flat out working on assignments and studying for the whole time (or most of it, anyway – I knew certain days/nights/mornings were going to be taken for… other things). I’d thought that it wouldn’t be much of a "holiday" and I wouldn’t be getting much of a break from uni.

It’s sort of all worked out, though. I did end up doing a lot of non-study-related stuff, so I did end up getting a break. There’s always a trade-off, though. Like, because I went out so much, I didn’t get as much work done – not nearly as much work done as I would have hoped. Then there’s the question of why on earth I’m typing this when I have had a sufficient break, and still have a load of stuff to do.

Honestly, though, that’s not much of a question. I think we all know the answer to that one. But there’s always tomorrow. Sure, tomorrows are limited, but … yeah… I got nothing. Whatever. I’ll get around to it all eventually…

Fine. Damn guilt tripping. I’m going to study now.


2 thoughts on “break down

  1. ……. i didn\’t touch any study stuff throughout the holz >____<oh actually i tried doin pmf at uni…. yea…. i\’ll get taht done soon…but yes these holz i also thought to catchup….but obviously …didn\’t…but (the 3rd but) im sure u still did more than most of us XD so ur finedidn\’t u do blakmores thingy today?oh and is "breakdown" a pun..??neways c u monday XD

  2. ha, study! i\’m sure you didn\’t put off things as much as i did XD so much so that i only got like 2 out of the 10 things i planned to do at the beginning of this so-called break. but i guess i got a break out of it 😀 don\’t you always love how you think "oh there\’s tmr." and feel guilty but then you ignore that guilt and continue not studying XD

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