topic jumping

Cannot believe there are less than two weeks until uni starts again. Even in late-December/early-January I was in disbelief that there were only two months of holidays left, so you can imagine the sort of hyperventilating and whatever I must be doing now (or maybe not – I’m quite a calm, composed person, after all, right?).

Surprisingly, I don’t really have many plans for the rest of the holidays. I’ve been thinking that I need some more home time, though. But, of course, some things are just too tempting to pass up just for a day at home. So conflicted nonetheless.

Is it just me or does anyone else find something not quite right about TV networks trying to convince us to watch their shows by telling us that millions of people watch it in the US? What’s it to me if a show is a big hit in some other country? Sure, I suppose Australian and US viewing habits would be somewhat similar, but how can US success be the main selling point? Ok, I suppose they can be considered to be a reasonable standard, and it’s all fair enough, but the questions were dying to be asked, no? I’m just doing my bit for anti-Americanisation-ism.

I actually slept in until about 11:20 this morning. Reckon that’s the latest that I’ve actually slept in for these holidays. Yes, I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it? Three months of holidays, and I’m only just starting to sleep in late. I don’t think I’ll be continuing this, though. Don’t want to use up precious time sleeping when I could be doing something else. Not that there are so many important things to do. Just figured I ought to be awake for a reasonable number of hours each day.

Stayed at home for all of today. I should probably make clear that when I say “at home” that includes the back yard. I don’t think I could stay in the confines of my house for that long. Well, ok, maybe if it was, like, swotvac, and I desperately needed to cram, but I usually need some outdoors time, yeah?

Think I’ve been alternating between feeling lifeless and energised today. Right now I’m somewhere in between the two. Sort of feel like writing something here, but sort of don’t feel like writing because it’s so much effort and… yeah… Whatever. I’ll think of something and then just let the words flow.

Reading that ‘Tuvalu’ book now (written by Andrew O’Connor). Some of you might remember I mentioned it in a previous entry. Haven’t gotten too far in it, but it seems alright. I’m actually not sure where the story’s going, but it’s written well enough for me to not really care. I get a bit frustrated reading books with bad grammar. Sure, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction (or should I say “superiority”) in being able to find grammatical errors in novels and the like, but it’s something that really should not happen. At least spelling errors are quite rare.

Had a nice conversation with a stranger on the bus yesterday. It wasn’t really about anything in particular – desktop backgrounds, street names, milo, supermarkets, chocolate, etc. Isn’t it nice when strangers randomly make random conversation? It is a rare occurence, though. I like how people smile and nod at strangers they pass on the street or wherever, and that doesn’t happen too infrequently.

When I was walking home the other day, I walked past this lady who seemed nice enough, so I smiled at her, and she smiled back, and I noticed how see looked so much prettier when she smiled than when she had that blank-almost-frowning expression before. I walked past another lady soon after, and it was pretty much the same deal. It’s the little things that can really restore one’s faith in humanity.


3 thoughts on “topic jumping

  1. !Anti-Americanisation-ism! YOU GO GIRL!!!You give me hope that random is what we are. I talk to randoms everyday and enjoy every second of it.That\’s how I met you and how I meet everyone.Smiling is a sign if friendliness and acceptance of one\’s appearance or one or the other….but anyways to smile is the first step of not procuring a stranger.Call them randoms as I do. For this world is WWS. World Without Strangers – GiordianoMust go to city now. Toodles~TtylJeff

  2. do you like the red rooster ad? even though it might be taking the mickey (yes, that\’s probably not the right word but you know how much my english sucks) out of australia but it does raise the point of how much we know about america and how little america knows about us.i never try to find grammatical errors coz i probably won\’t notice even if i do come across one 😀 but i do seem to find some spelling errors.actually, i like my peace and quiet on public transport so i avoid talking to strangers.

  3. Oh, so this is why you just started talking about how Brisbane is so nice because strangers talk to you… I\’m always too shy to smile to strangers… unless of course it\’s reciprocating..Hey I found several spelling errors in the Chemistry book you lent me. 😛

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