home time

It’s been a very long time since I had a full day at home. The last time I had one was probably a few days before I left for Melbourne. Don’t really remember. Anyway, that’s not the point.

The flight back was actually pretty cool. We flew past a storm going over New South Wales. The plane was actually sort of level with the storm clouds, so we got to see lightning right next to us, and then below us. It was pretty awesome. I’m over it now, though.

I reckon anyone who’s had to fly back into Brisbane this summer would have also felt the very abrupt change from cold to hot after leaving the airport. It was quite cold on the plane, and the actual airport place was alright, too, but the second I stepped outside, I could instantly feel the heat and, of course, the humidity. I reckon it would have been this sudden rapid temperature change, and the possibility that there was two and a half weeks’ worth of dust around the house, that made me sort of unwell for the next few days.

Might also possibly blame irregular (and perhaps excessive) eating during the last few days of my stay in Melbourne, and also having had to get a 20-ish kilogram suitcase up a flight of stairs on arriving home. See, the next morning I woke up feeling sort of weak, so I kept trying to think of what protein foods I ate the previous day, but couldn’t think of many, so heavy lifting probably did not help the lack of protein situation. Yeah, ok, maybe that all made more sense in my head.

I was expecting (as is reasonable) to be able to spend my first day back in Brisbane at home. Unfortunately, when I checked my roster for the week, I found out that I was meant to be working at 3:15pm. This probably wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t already almost 3pm at the time of my checkng the roster. I really didn’t feel like working, so I was actually considering just calling in and telling them that I couldn’t go, but then, for some reason quite beyond me, both my sister and my mum told me to just go. So, not only was I working on my first day back, but I was driving again for the first time in about three weeks. Well, at least I survived all that.

Sadly to say, I didn’t even get a chance to rest when I got back from work that evening because it was Chinese New Year’s Eve, so there was all the usual CNYE stuff to do. It was actually sort of sad at the time to think that I’d been back for over 24 hours, and hadn’t had the chance to contact anyone yet. But I think it was that night that Mei called me – can’t remember what we talked about, but I was happier for it.

On the actual day of CNY, I had to go visit relatives. First off, went to see uncles and aunts down the street and ’round the corner. I was expecting that we’d just stay there for a bit, then I’d get the rest of the day at home. Needless to say, this did not happen, and everything afterwards just goes to show how not-so-well-informed I was that day.

So, after playing hide-and-seek and duck-duck-goose for a while with my distantly-ish-related cousins (no one’s ever taught me the correct terms for randomly related people and whatever, so I’m just leaving it at that), we went off to see another relative. To be perfectly honest, I’m actually not sure how exactly I am related to her, but, I suppose, that doesn’t really matter.

It was on the way there that Angel called me to tell me that I was supposedly supposed to be in South Bank at that time, so when I got back home after the visit and the random detour to Woolies to buy limes and the stop over at my uncles house for lunch, I had to quickly find my wallet and water bottle before heading out again. (I would make that sentence shorter, but it seems such a shame to cut it up.)

My.. other family.. were waiting for me in the Valley. Unfortunately, I’m not so great at ‘Where’s Wally?’ type searches, so I couldn’t find them, and resolved instead to let them find me at the car park rooftop. Reunions are such happy occasions, aren’t they? Even if the separation was less than three weeks. We headed to the City after the lion dancing (and after finally figuring out which train platform we were actually supposed to be on).

Believe it or not, I actually knew what was happening on Tuesday before the actual day, so it wasn’t as random as the last two days. I think most people who actually read this were there, so I won’t kill space by giving details of what we ate, how we sat around the library at Indro, when some of us went off shoe shopping, and the time at Chi’s place.

I hadn’t expected to be doing anything on Wednesday, and would have gladly spent the day at home doing nothing, but the Courier Mail were giving out free entry to the Gabba to watch the cricket (just had to bring along the ad from the paper). While cricket does not seem like the most exciting thing ever (I usually only watch 20/20 and beach cricket), I’d never actually been in the Gabba before, so the opportunity was too good to pass up. It was a one day match between QLD Bulls and WA Warriors. I only stayed for a bit under two hours, so I don’t actually know who won, but it was an alright match.

This is turning out to be longer than I’d expected. In a serious lapse of judgement, I hadn’t actually thought that writing about the last week and a bit would require so many words and paragraphs. I’ll summarise the rest, and if curiosity gnaws away at you, you can ask me for more details. Thursday was spent at the aquatic centre in Chandler. Friday I had work. Saturday I went to "Game on" and played an hour of tennis. Sunday I also had work.

I really would have gone out today (Monday), but I found out yesterday that Channel Ten were broadcasting the Superbowl (Pittsburgh Steelers versus Arizona Cardinals), and I was so reluctant to pass up a chance to finally watch it. And it was all the better because it was the first time an Australian was playing in Superbowl. Sure, I hadn’t heard of him until yesterday, and I can hardly remember what he looks like or his name, but that doesn’t matter. They lost anyway. On a side note, does anyone else think that the Pittsburgh coach looks like Foreman from ‘House’?


2 thoughts on “home time

  1. lol havnt played hide and seek duck duck goose for soooooooooooooooooo long XDand ur week seems pretti fun =]

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