farewell 2008

My first entry for 2009. Excellent. I find it quite amusing how so many people have “Happy New Year” messages in their MSN name/message things, but no one else is saying goodbye to 2008. I had a weird thought last night as I was walking home that if 2008 were a person, I should always want to be in its company. Yeah, ok, my mind works a bit weirdly. I’m going to blame tired-ness.

Well, anyway, I suppose it was only right that such a great year was finished off with such a great day. (Mind you, the year was not without its trials and tribulations, but I don’t think I can really complain or mope about them now.) I think I was decidedly happy for the whole of New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure “decidedly” is the right word there, but when I woke up (indeed, even before I went to bed the night before) I was quite resolute on enjoying the day. That is not to say, however, that I was not expecting a good day. Indeed, I think it was because I expected such a brilliant day that I was quite resolute on enjoying it to the fullest extent.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed in the least. (“Needless to say” is such a self-redundant phrase that people (such as myself) use anyway just for the sake of it. It just sounds nice, ok? Besides, it helps emphasise the obvious-ness of whatever it is that follows. But, I suppose, even then, some things that succeed the phrase actually do need to be said. Most things need to be said, after all, because “the truth is something that is told, not something that is known”. That’s a quote by some person that I used in an English presentation once, and it just sort of stuck with me.)

Ok, getting back on track now… I’m supposing that it is expected that I summarise my New Year’s Eve here. But then I’m also supposing that most people who actually read this thing actually already know what it was that I did that day, so I’m not too keen on putting so much effort into providing details here. After all, don’t want to kill off the fabulous-ness of the day by trying to describe it all in words, right?

But, being the considerate person that I am, for those of you who were not there or who were there but, for one reason or another, cannot recall the events of that day, I shall summarise my day for you here: ice skating, lunch at home, movie, BBQ dinner, walk to South Bank from Roma Street, early fireworks, lazing around, dancing, more lazing around, and, of course, midnight fireworks.

There was a whole lot of other random stuff in between and during those things, too, but they’re the main points. I could probably throw in a whole bunch of wonderful adjectives and whatever, too, but that would require quite a bit of effort (I suppose you could say I’m in a lazy sort of mood, but, you know, being full of energy for an entire day can really take a lot out of you – particularly energy). Besides, knowing how people know me, if I put in a lot of adjectives, some might think I’m being sarcastic or exaggerating or something. But, really, there are hardly adjectives enough to sufficiently describe everything.

Ok, changing the topic now… I finished two books these last few days. Finished ‘Northanger Abbey’ two days before the advent of the new year, and then (finally) finished reading ‘The Merchant of Venice’ yesterday. Both were exceedingly good reads, and highly recommended. If you do not count ‘The Merchant of Venice’, which, I guess, you either would or would not depending on what sort of technicalities you wanted to use, then I’ve only read four books during 2008. (Text books don’t count. I’m talking about fiction books that I’ve actually read cover to cover here.) That, I think, is such a great shame – especially considering that I read 13 in 2007, and about 16 in 2006. Of course, quite a few of those texts where assessment-related, but they still count.

Clearly, being the time that it is, there has been quite a bit of talk about new year resolutions. I’ve considered whether I should resolve to read more, but, considering the work load I’m expecting in 2nd year, I don’t think that’s a very realistic sort of resolution to set. I’ve considered other resolutions, too, but, as yet, have not settled on one. Perhaps I should resolve to be more organised in regards to my 2010 resolution. (Does anyone else think “2010” looks like a weird number? I suppose it will take some time for me to get used to “2009” as well. 2008 is quite a nice number, though.)

Perfect. I shall end this on nine paragraphs. And, of course, what better way to end than by bidding adieu to 2008 (it has, indeed, been fun, and I’m sure I, along with many others, shall miss you), and welcoming 2009 (make yourself comfortable, 2009 – after all, you’re going to be here for a while and we shall need to get acquainted).

2 thoughts on “farewell 2008

  1. Haha, Jerome, did you STUDY?!Anyway.. I\’m sure everybody thought about the past events of 2008, but decided that the future is more interesting than the preceding year. Everybody gets excited about the future, but heck, who likes to dwell on how crappy 2008 was? Everybody\’s hoping that this year will be better than the last, but of course that\’s not really going to happen.Don\’t worry, at least you read a fiction book. I don\’t think I read any fiction book in 2008, although plenty of non-fiction and magazines (not the Woman\’s Day ones.. although I did read some. :D)… But in terms of actually competing against who did the most of what they are passionate about, well yeah, I told you already, I didn\’t even paint/draw a single artwork in the entire year. Disappointing, I know. It\’s what laziness does.New Year resolutions just don\’t work for me, I just lack willpoweryes.willpoweri lack.so yes. i had resolved i would sleep earlier this year. but these few days i\’ve been sleeping 2-3am. sighh….

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