house bound

I think all this blogging could possibly be killing my brain. Yeah, I know – shock-horror and all that. Actually, you’d probably consider blogging as more of a diagnostic test (to see how much.. umm.. creative flair I still have left) rather than the cause (of the loss of said creative flair). (By the way, “flair” is not a word used purely of my choosing. Someone else once said I have a certain “flair” with my writing, so it’s their word, not mine.)

The cause is probably my staying at home so much. I have not set foot outside the house in over 48 hours. If I continue on with this confinement until tonight, that would make it 72 hours. Unfortunately, because I have to work on Friday night, I can’t quite make it to 96 hours – unless, of course, I want to cancel work. But then I have to come up with a reason for cancelling, and I don’t think they’ll accept “I’m attempting to stay within the confines of my house for as long as possible” as an excuse.

Staying at home is alright, though. Have sort of been rotating between computer games, reading, wondering about what to do next, eating, watching daytime TV, MSN and thinking about studying. Actually, I’m sort of disappointed at how little TV I’ve been watching. Not my fault, though, because most of the shows I’d usually watch are just doing repeats now, and I don’t really find the new shows very interesting at all.

Ah~ maybe that’s where all my creative ability has gone – into the void left by a lack of TV-viewing. After all, at its best, TV-viewing inspires and stimulates the imagination. Cartoons are especially good at this. See, it all makes sense now. I used to watch so much TV during high school, and look how well that turned out. Seems like I might have to make an effort to get up a bit earlier so that I can catch the morning cartoons. Don’t even know what they’re showing any more, but that’s ok – I’m sure I should be content with whatever it is they are showing.

And, yeah, I guess it would help if I did some more reading. I mean, I have been reading in these last few days, and I do find it quite interesting, but reading just makes me so sleepy now. Then again, it might just be because I’ve been reading in the afternoons, which just so happens to be a great time for taking naps. Damned confounding variables all over the place! (Honestly, I don’t really like statistics that much. And, sorry again for mentioning that dreaded word again. But, hey, I could do a lot worse, couldn’t I?)

Alright, to be honest, I don’t think concise (from last entry) really works for me. Whenever I see the word “concise”, I always think of those criteria sheets we got for Modern History and Economics and whatever assignments, and how they told us to be “concise” with what we wrote. I never really stuck to that, so it’s really good they had a heap of other criteria. And also because I never really stuck to that, why start now? Especially since there’s no marking sheet here. Besides, it would feel like I’m slacking off if I started to only write short entries. Rambling is just part of what I do here.

Having said all that, however, I am still perfectly aware that a lot of people really can’t be bothered doing so much reading, nor do a lot of people have the time for so much reading of texts that have no apparent purpose. So, rather than endeavouring to make this incredibly long, I shall leave this here. For those of you seeking to read more of my writing (don’t know why you would, though – must be incredibly bored or something – in which case, I quite pity you, and suggest that you try watching TV or playing games on the internet to preoccupy yourself), I have added the archives module thingo, so you can go back and read previous entries (not that there are that many, but I should think that they are random enough to provide some amusement).


One thought on “house bound

  1. Television is far from being a source of inspiration/creativity! I think it\’s just a way of idly using up your time on this mindless activity, therapeutic, but certainly not the catalyst (or even facilitator!) in creative pursuits. Except maybe good quality child cartoons can have that effect (note, most cartoons these days are rubbish. what happened to Arthur, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, etc.?! Kids these days have no taste.). Just my opinion though…Don\’t worry about being \’concise\’, or your lack of it. Reading indepth blogs that are interesting are just up my alley. You want to foster that novelist within don\’t you?!

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