writing, walking, skating

No, people, I am not addicted to this thing. I totally have self control and restraint and whatever. Just feel like writing more. That’s all. I really, really should try and write more on that story of mine (so that I can actually finish it – don’t think I’ve properly finished writing a story since that time we had to write one for English..), but I’m not feeling so creative or imaginative right now. Just want to write/type.

Actually, don’t remember the last time I handwrote something. Well, not anything significant, anyway. Like, I might write little notes or whatever here and there, but haven’t actually handwritten anything of considerable length for quite some time. Shall have to find time for writing letters soon…-ish…

If you like letters and wish to join the waiting list for one, do not hesitate to ask. I’m sure I should be happy to write you one (so long as I actually know you – it’s sort of hard to write letters to randoms). Just a few words of warning though: Although the waiting list really isn’t that long, I might take a while to get around to it all, so I’m not putting any guarantee on when exactly people are getting letters. Also, I can be quite random in what I write (just ask those I’ve previously written to).

So, anyway, it’s been a quiet last few days. Feel sort of sunburnt right now, which sucks because I wasn’t even outside in the middle of the day that long. Just walked from home to the bus station, walked from uni bus station to the library, walked from library to SLC. Yes, people, I went to uni again today. I suppose, though, that, by now, that’s not really very surprising. And, yeah, it would seem that our summer sun really is that killer.

Didn’t go to any lectures or classes today, though. Didn’t really get up early enough to make it to the stat lecture. (Sure, it’s called “psych” but, honestly, it’s just stat, so I’m just going to call it that.) I did borrow out a certain book called ‘Pharmaceutical Practice’, which I plan on reading some time during the so-called “holidays” in preparation for next year. Don’t worry – I don’t plan on reading the entire thing (even though it’s on the smaller end of the scale when it comes to text books) – just a bit of light reading here and there. (It’s been so many weeks and I don’t think I’m even halfway through ‘Northanger Abbey’, so I don’t think I really have a chance of making it through an entire textbook.)

I decided randomly to walk home all the way from uni today. It only took about 40-45 minutes walking at about normal speed. Ok, maybe a little bit faster than normal walking speed, but I did slow down a lot when I was almost home. I sort of doubt that this walk would have contributed that much to the whole feeling of sunburn right now, though, because it was, like 5:45pm when I started walking from the bridge (walked across the bridge and sat around waiting with Alice for some time before walking from the bridge – and, yes, I did factor in walking-across-the-bridge-time into my 40-45 minute estimate).

Walking is fun. Well, when you don’t get a stitch, anyway.

Ice-skating is fun, too. I randomly went ice-skating on Tuesday night. I do a lot of things randomly. Was actually about 6pm that night that I decided to go (ice-skating was between 7:30 and 9:30). See, my sister was going with her friends, and, because she was going to drive there, she told me to come along too, so I did.

Definitely wouldn’t say I’m pro, yet, but am sort of slowly getting there….. Actually hardly used the handrail/fence/thing much, and ventured into the middle twice. Unfortunately, I did fall.. once. Think I was getting distracted – you know, constructing thought trains, one thing leads to another, then I forget what it is that I’m doing… Also didn’t really help that they turned off the actual lights and left us with just the random disco lights. Red rover was funny. Some of the people there were so pro. There was even this one guy doing all this fancy.. twirling.. and jumping.. stuff..

Nothing else really noteworthy (I mention non-noteworthy stuff too, but that’s beyond the point here).


One thought on “writing, walking, skating

  1. lol.. Sharon and her interesting and lengthy blogs. Sounds like you\’re having fun… remind me: you\’re not doing summer semester right? lol.. just go to SLC randomly "for fun"? It\’s good though.. SLC has nice air-con; which, given the summer sun in Australia, is worth the trip. lol.. letters… hm, how nice. I\’d like to write letters too (I bought some letter design paper in HK actually). Though, haha.. maybe I\’d prefer short-medium length letters.. perhaps max. 3 pages. And I suppose I prefer an exchange of letters.. so like, asking questions in one letter than the other person replying. Haha.. I\’ve got heaps of letters written in primary school stored in my house in Brisbane… lol childhood memories…. Anyhow, I went to Macau yesterday. LOL.. lots to tell. Took a lot of photos.. ate a lot… walked a lot… and got some awesome chinese little dolls. Shall show you the pics when i get back. 🙂 Happy holidays!!

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