yesterday?? really…?

Alright, so it’s been about a week since my last post, and I’m still not really keeping track of the days here. I actually have to think for some time before I figure out what day it is – and that happens, like, almost every day. Like, some time today, I was thinking something along the lines of the following: “Wait, today is Wednesday, right? Yeah.. because yesterday was Tuesday, right? I went to uni on Tuesday. Wait, that was only yesterday? O..k.. so today is Wednesday then. That means tomorrow is Thursday. Did I have anything planned on Thursday? Oh, right, going to visit Mei..” (Well, you get the idea.)

Well, anyway, I haven’t been spending a lot of time at home, which, I guess, isn’t totally bad because that means I can’t spend the whole day killing off my eyesight by sitting in front of a screen of some sort or doing lots of reading. But, of course, that means I’m spending a fair bit of money. But, I guess, that’s not so bad either because I’m working now, and if I didn’t spend some money I might accumulate a ridiculously large sum of money in my bank account, and draw the attention of hackers or whoever looking for big bank accounts to siphon money off from.

And if you are so desperately interested in what it is that I do at this “work” I speak of, you can ask me directly, because I can’t be bothered writing about it here. Also because it doesn’t quite feel right to blog about work-related stuff – especially after seeing that news story about those flight attendents who got sacked or something after bad-mouthing passengers on facebook or on their blogs or something (like I remember all the details). Yeah, I know, it’s probably unlikely to happen to me, and, besides, I wouldn’t bad-mouth customers and stuff, but whatever.

Ok, so this is the point where I now stop for about five minutes to try to remember what it was that I was doing the day after my last entry. That was last Thursday, right? If my memory serves me right here (and my logic as well, because my memory is sort of jumbled, so have to reason out what order everything goes in and all that sort of stuff), I believe I went to watch “Australia” that day. Oh, that’s right~ I remember now… because the anatomy people couldn’t come because they had classes, but we met up with them afterwards for lunch. And that was when that security guy told us off for not sitting on the chairs properly or whatever, and we ended up sitting around at Chi’s podium not really doing anything in particular for several hours. Yeah.. how could I forget that?

Seriously, though, those are good times – just sitting around and not doing anything in particular. So I was just lazing around on Friday and most of Saturday as well – Friday at home, Saturday at Jessica’s place. I would feel bad just lazing around at home for two days straight. At least need a change of venue to keep things interesting.

You know, it was quite weird yesterday (yesterday? oh, right, it was yesterday.. already been through this) when I was at SLC for lunch, and it was sort of just like during semester except that I didn’t have this voice in the back of my mind telling me that I should finish up on lunch quicker so that I could go off to study or do an assignment. But, of course, I’ve done enough procrastinating there (and hence know quite well how to ignore/suppress that voice in the back of my mind), so it wasn’t that weird, I guess.

Don’t know if I can be bothered trying to remember details of what I did on Sunday and Monday. Did some drawing/sketching/whatever you want to call it on Sunday, and I think I went to work at some point. Monday was mostly cleaning and getting rid of stuff.

On Tuesday, which, believe it or not, was only yesterday (seriously, does anyone else feel like it was forever ago?) I went to uni. This time it was for anatomy, although I did end up going to stat as well. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly at all), I saw other pharm people at the anatomy lecture as well. Yeah, because we all just loved anatomy so much that one semester was just not enough for us. Sure, we have some biomed/physiology thing next semester, but that’s, like, three months away.

Also went to uni today (Wednesday for those of you still playing along at home). Only an hour of stat today though, because had to go ice-skating. Well, I didn’t have to – it was a decision I made out of my own free will. (Really need to emphasise this for the benefit of a certain someone, who I will not name. And those of you who know are really the only people who need to know, so don’t bother asking.) Ice-skating was fun except that my fingers were freezing for half of it, but that’s ok. And, no, I did not fall at any point in the two hours we were there. Sure, that could have been because I didn’t stray too far from that fence/handrail thing, but it was my first time there, so cut me some slack, ok?

6 thoughts on “yesterday?? really…?

  1. i will tell u the truth, i started skimming/skipping by the 4th paragraph~prob hte most reading ive done in the holz XD

  2. If today was yesturday and yesturday was tomorrow, then what is yesturday?What the. i can\’t blog without being identified now. i mean what a nice blog you have here.

  3. HIII SHARON!!Twas so good you could go ice skating!twas fun eh? :)I\’m at uni now. anatomy ppl behind me .. studying some … sternum thingy… trying out this thing that you\’re massively into…. going to uni "for fun" :Pactually having quite a nice time.. watching ppl work while i get to laze around :)!man. i LOVE lazing around!!!!!!!!haha. my holz have been sooo similar to yours it\’s not funni :Pwell. by the way things are going. it seems that i\’ll be seeing you again real soon :)bye for a bit πŸ™‚

  4. hey they changed the format of this! it looks nicer now. maybe i like how everything ends up in a curvy edge. anyways, that was off topic…iceskating! you should\’ve come out further πŸ˜› but ok, i\’ll cut you some slack. though i think i\’ve acquired a few bruises and some water bubble thing (you know when your skin rubs against something for a while and it develops a water bubble to protect) that i didn\’t notice until i bursted ityes yes, we all love lazing around. it\’s the ultimate thing to do during a holiday. but your going to uni habit is ruining all of this~! πŸ˜›

  5. lol… I developed a blister (lol, "water bubble thing) too, when I went ice-skating a week ago. Haha, going to uni can be "fun". It\’s just assessments and exams that distorts those wonderful sentiments… lol Haven\’t really been lazing around in HK. But life is still pretty leisurely.. πŸ™‚

  6. Ice-skating? nice ^^ i was never able to play it [haha well i only tried it twice but failed majorly on both times] good to hear that u enjoy your holidays

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