water, water everywhere…


Don’t you just love rainy days? Avid readers already know I’m quite partial to rainy days and walking in the rain. Well, (unfortunately?) I remembered to bring my umbrella today, so I didn’t get totally drenched in today’s downpour. Why was I out on a day like this? And where did I so happen to go to? Good questions, indeed.

Funnily enough, I was actually at uni today. And, no, I’m not doing summer semester. Nor did I have some sort of errand to run or some sort of appointment or whatever. Ok, well, I’m not doing summer semester officially, but I did go to a lecture today… about… statistics…

‘Why on earth would anyone go to a statistics lecture during their holidays out of their own free will?’ I hear you ask? (And if you weren’t alarmed enough to be asking that, why on earth weren’t you? Do you think it’s actually normal for me to randomly go to statistics lectures that I’m not really supposed to be going to? Ok, don’t answer that.) Anyway, stats is fun and all, but that’s not the point of writing this. This was supposed to be about the glorious downpour we got today (Wednesday, for those of you playing along at home).

It was so totally awesome seeing how flooded uni got. Avid readers also know that I’m not great at estimating stuff, but I reckon it must have been about a centimetre of water flowing over the grounds at some parts. Had to wade all the way from the library to the bus stop. And then, because the bus stop is down a hill, basically had to walk down a river to get there. Seriously, in a whole year of uni, I don’t think I ever saw so much rain there before.

The weird thing I found was that people seemed sort of nicer because it was pouring rain. I think it was because we were all in the same sort of situation – trying to avoid getting any more drenched than we already were – and there wasn’t much that could be done except to just smile and nod at everyone else in acknowledgement of it. And it wasn’t just nice-ness either. It seemed like people were generally more happy. It was sort of like they all sort of just lost it – sanity washed away with the rain, and carried into drains and lakes and stuff – but… yeah… that’s alright.

Walking home in the rain always makes me think of songs about rain, or songs that mention rain. Usually ‘Sunday morning’ (Maroon 5) will be among the first songs to come to mind. It’s just unfortunate that I’m hardly ever walking home on Sundays because I’m usually at home for all of Sunday. But it doesn’t have to be Sunday for it to be relevant.

Also thought of ‘Beautiful day’ (U2) today. Not just the “sky falls” part, but also that part from “see the world in green and blue” onwards. ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ also has a tendency of popping up. It’s not a song, yeah, but I learnt it in grade 5 or something, and it’s just stuck.

Ok, I think I’m getting too distracted by spam to continue trying to write this properly, so I’m just going to publish now. Another (relatively) short entry.

Viva la spam~!


6 thoughts on “water, water everywhere…

  1. rain! why did we all suddenly decide to all blog about the rain? i\’ve got another song for you – one of Hilary Duff\’s songs "let the rain fall down and something something" ok, i\’ve completely forgotten what it\’s called and the rest of the lyrics but that\’s not the point 😛
    so, WHY did you decide to go to uni that day? stat! hmm.. maybe i could steal some notes XD

  2. was it pouring on wednesday? i only remember a little bit of rain…i always seem to miss out on the good stuff >< but i remember it suddenly started pouring on saturday while i was at work. we had nothing to do so my supervisor and i were outside watching the rain =)

  3. I\’ve read your blog. what do i do next?It\’s perfectly normal to go into a lecture during holidays. At least you did something.

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