a week? THAT was only a week??

Ok… well… this week has been quite… eventful… Suppose I should really write something about it here… But so hard to summarise everything…

Well, I’m supposing that I don’t need to really write much about Wet ‘n’ Wild, seeing as everyone either went (and hence know what happened), or already heard all they could handle about it without becoming so incredibly and insanely jealous. So, being considerate as I am, I will spare everyone from yet another recount of events (except to say that it was a totally awesome day).

On Tuesday I actually stayed at home for the whole day – like, seriously, I didn’t even set foot outside the house even once that day. Not surprisingly, I don’t really remember what I did on Tuesday. I think it consisted mostly of reading and random internet browsing (including Youtube-ing). I’ve started reading ‘Northanger Abbey’ by Jane Austen. (Yes, I just love reading all the classics. I think it’s just something about their writing style. The storylines and themes etc etc are also brilliant, of course. Darn, it’s so unfortunate that I can’t think about classic novels without being reminded of grade 12 English… But, of course, grade 12 English was so much fun, so what I really mean to say is that it’s very fortunate, indeed, that we studied classic literature and that I’m constantly reminded of it now).

I’m in the middle of the seventh chapter right now. (Usually I wouldn’t put a book down in the middle of a chapter, but, if I remember correctly, it was lunch time, and I was hungry, so I made an exception.) It’s pretty good, although I don’t really see where the whole thing is headed. I don’t know if it’s just me or whatever, but I always find it incredibly funny to see the word "stupid" in Jane Austen novels. Well, ‘Northanger Abbey’ is only the second Austen novel I’m reading (first one I read was ‘Pride & Prejudice’), so, really, I’ve only seen the word "stupid" twice in her novels, but both times it was in one of the earlier chapters, and both times it was so funny~ I guess it’s just that it’s not the sort of word I expect to see in her novels. But I think it’s gotten to the point where I’d actually be disappointed if it didn’t appear in her other books. Oh well, I’ll get over it eventually…

I’ve actually also been slowly making my way through ‘The Merchant of Venice’, which I’ve been reading on and off for the last six or so months (actually, you might count it as possibly being a bit longer than that because I started it around the start of this year when I was in Melbourne.. But then I started over again around May or June). Anyway, even though I don’t always know what exactly is happening, I still really enjoy reading it. It’s very poetic and funny (I think it’s supposed to be a comedy, so it really should be funny). (Is it just me or does it seem like I could ramble on forever when it comes to books…?)

Anyway.. moving on.. Wednesday was spent watching ‘Quantum of Solace’ and wandering around the City. I reckon it was a pretty good movie – except that I don’t think I fully understood the whole thing. It probably didn’t help that I got distracted halfway through the movie and my mind started wandering off somewhere else before I realised that something was happening in the movie and hence brought my mind back to the cinema. Oh, and I also discovered that morning that chips and lollies do actually work quite well together (for me, anyway).

Did a lot of lazing around on Thursday. Like, seriously, after all that walking on Wednesday, what else could I do? I was at Angel’s place from around mid-afternoon, but I soon made myself at home there, and continued lounging around, conserving energy so as to prepare myself for going to a certain place later that night… I would so write more details of the night here, but, like, you know, details are a little fuzzy and all that… (And, yeah, as Maggie said somewhere in all that spam, "what happens in kk stays in kk".)

Sort of would have liked to have gone to see the ’08 seniors graduate on Friday, but sort of was not anywhere near awake enough to go. Didn’t have breakfast until after 11:30am. Don’t even remember the last time I had breakfast so late. But guess that was ok, seeing as lunch ended up being so late.

Wow.. just realised that that was first week of holidays gone… And yet, even Monday seems like forever ago. Actually, even yesterday (Friday) feels like forever ago. I’m, like, sitting here wondering if it really was only yesterday because it feels like there must have been at least one day between now and Friday. Sorry if this isn’t making much sense, but my mind’s a bit muddled up at the moment. I’m sort of sleep deprived, see, from having gotten up around 5:30 this morning. Yeah, and I thought sleep deprivation was something that only happened during semester. Oh well, I guess if I want to be making the most of this incredibly long holiday, I’d better only sleep the bare minimum required. But, then don’t want to kill my brain, and "catch-up" sleep supposedly does not work, so need to try to consistently get eight hours each night.

See, people might consider me to be more of a quiet sort of person, but, clearly, if you get me going on the right sort of topic, I could go on forever. But, of course, I’d probably exercise enough self-restraint to NOT go on to the point of exhaustion (of both the topic and the listener). I think I should be correct in assuming that this is one of those occasions where such self-restraint is needed. Shall write again soon.


One thought on “a week? THAT was only a week??

  1. i get the same feeling too about yesterday feeling like forever ago (and i\’m sure this is like the 50th time i\’m saying this but that\’s beside the point)
    we did a lot of walking on wed? actually, i don\’t remember wed that well, it seems a blur. nor do i remember what i did on tues, or thurs, and mon and fri seems like forever ago
    ooo, this whole "what happeneds in kk stays in kk" thing has gotten me interested 😛 so, what happened??? 😛
    sleep, i never seem to be getting enough. maybe i should try what you\’re suggesting about consistency
    and i\’ve never doubted you\’re not a quiet person, just need to find the right thing for you to ramble on about as you said 😛

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