damn… so… not… fit…

Well, I’m sure everyone (in Brisbane, at least) would have sort of noticed that it was kind of raining pretty hard earlier this evening and all. See, thing is, I had just caught the bus from uni then, and it was starting to really come down around my place, but I hadn’t brought my umbrella with me (every other day I bring an umbrella because the weatherperson says it’s going to rain, it never rains between my leaving and returning to the house – so typical of it to finally rain when I decide to ignore the weatherperson for once). So, anyway, I had the option of calling someone to come get me, or of just running home through the rain.

Clearly, the temptation was too hard to resist. (There’s a quotable quote from Oscar Wilde or someone about temptation that goes something like "I can resist everything except temptation". Nicely said. I don’t remember where I heard the quote from, so if anyone wants credit for telling me this one, claim it here.)

There’s just something wonderful about running in the rain (and the harder it’s coming down, the better). I’m sure people have noticed that a lot of the dramatic/emotional/whatever scenes in movies and TV shows and stuff tend to be set in the rain or on rainy days. There are so many wonderful connotations pertaining to rain. But, because I’m sure everyone already knows what most of these are, and because I don’t want to turn this into some sort of English revision session, I won’t list them here. (I reckon rain can be sort of therapeutic, too, but that might just be me.)

So, anyway, with a final check that all valuables (notebooks included) were sufficiently covered up in my bag, I ran from the bus station all the way to my house.

Well, ok, so I didn’t end up running the whole way. It’s like 400 metres. However, I’m not that great at estimating distance, so, even though the council have recently put up all these signs around the bus stop saying how far away everything is, 400m could still be way off. Whatever. The point is that it’s a ridiculously long distance for anyone to be sprinting – let alone sprinting in the rain while carrying a bag full of books and prac gear – so I sort of ended up half walking the last third of the way back. Not that that’s a bad thing. (I seem to say that quite a bit now. Then again, maybe that just indicates that a lot of things aren’t as bad as they initially seem.)

What is really bad is getting home all exhausted but not being able to collapse onto the floor like I usually would because I’m half soaking wet. So there I was, panting away, gasping for breath, legs tensing up, head hurting like crazy, and I could not even lie down to recover. Unless, of course, I decided to lie down outside on the grass in the rain, which, really, might have been quite nice except for the fact that there was all this thunder and lightning around.

But some more good (that is, in addition to the sheer exhilaration from running in the rain) did come from this brief escapade. Regrettably (or perhaps not regrettably at all), I reckon I am one of those people who eat more just because they feel they ought to after a certain amount of physical activity. Actually, I think I’m more like those people who exercise just so that they can eat more later. I don’t do guilt-exercise so much really.

Oh, and I am glad to have finally found someone who does not think I’m crazy and/or weird for liking standing in the rain and staring straight up at the sky and watching the raindrops come down at me. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Everyone else is just unappreciative of whatever it is that makes me do that.

On a different topic: I’ve recently noticed that I have a tendency to like songs that mention stars in them (even if it’s just a brief mention). Well, it’s either that, or quite a few of the songs I like just happen to mention stars. Case in point: ‘Truly, madly, deeply’ (Savage Garden), one of my most favourite songs, has this part about "stars shining brightly in the velvet sky". Another song in my Music List, ‘Together again’ (Janet Jackson), has this part in the chorus about someone’s star (not to mention the "dancing in moonlight" part). And then there are other songs that I like but haven’t put on my Music List, such as ‘Yellow’ (Coldplay) and ‘Black and gold’ (Sam Sparrow) (I particularly like how he indirectly refers to stars). Actually, in both of these songs, the part I remember best is around the part that they mention stars.

I so totally do not spend too much time star-gazing~! … I prefer to partake in cloud-gazing, or sky-gazing in general.


2 thoughts on “damn… so… not… fit…

  1. I swear something is either wrong with my blog or yours, or you set your blog to not notify people of any new entries.Anyway.. Ya, murphy\’s law is really irksome. Anyway at least you had fun running in the rain. Although I have to call you slightly insane to not call your parents to pick you up, but maybe you were in dire need of an exhiliration high after all the mundane schoolwork. 😛 I\’ve never actually ran in pelting rain before, because I pretty much ALWAYS bring my umbrella out. But yeah.. it would be super romantic to stand in the rain kissing your one and only lover in the midst of a solitary haven with majestic music pumping out of nowhere. I also feel very relaxed when it\’s raining, mildly happy even. Hey I also fall into the latter category of laziness and loving to eat. I can\’t resist eating a lot of food (because I\’m just crazily in love with it), and then I try to do some exercise sometimes… When I was small I always dreamed of standing in the rain and opening my mouth in a large gape to catch the raindrops and have a taste of the sweet sweet acid rain of HK, but when it really came, I never actually acted on the dream.. maybe because I knew of the consequences (catching a cold). So don\’t worry, you\’re not weird for liking that. But wouldn\’t staring at the sky mean the water\’s gonna get in your eyes?! (maybe time to get the goggles out. bahhaha)Really.. I am quite the reverse, I, quite naively, am always left in awe of the beauty of the shiny dots embedded in a blanket of ebony that, beyond comprehension, is the human eye\’s manifestation of the entire universe and all its wonders. As for blue skies and floaty clouds, ya, pretty, but not quite as profound as the night-sky (to me. maybe I\’m just immune to how blue the skies always are in Brisbane. It just ain\’t special anymore!)

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