my 1879 word distraction

Well, it’s been a long time since I published anything here. It would seem that I have found better ways of keeping myself distracted and procrastinating than this. But I did tell myself that I really ought to write something here after I finished that anatomy assignment. (I thought of putting an adjective in front of "anatomy assignment" but thought better of it – I’m sure everyone’s sick of hearing of that …thing.) I don’t know if it’s totally true, but it seems like I feel least like writing blog entries when there’s a lot of blog-worthy stuff going on. I don’t want to go into this self-analysis stuff too much (damn that song), though – maybe some other time and some other place.

First off, I’d like to officially welcome another song onto my "Music List" of favourite songs: ‘Hanging by a moment’ by Lifehouse. I actually didn’t think it was that great when it was released all those years ago, but it just randomly popped into my head the other day (I think there was some other song that reminded me of it). So, anyway, I ended up Youtubing it (yes, if Google gets to be a verb, then might as well make Youtube one, too), and looking up the lyrics. I don’t like getting songs stuck in my head if I have no idea what the lyrics are because then it’s just music and mumbling. So, yeah, anyway, I reckon it’s a nice song. I was also thinking of putting Savage Garden’s ‘Crash and burn’ on the list, but I’m sort of hesitant on that. I heard a snippet of it at my placement because they have the radio on in the dispensary area, and, yeah, I went home and Youtubed it. And it’s also quite a nice song. And so is ‘Stay beautiful’ by The Last Goodnight, but I haven’t Youtubed that yet.

Moving on randomly… Here’s a nice example of karma – if you want to call it that. I totally respect that people don’t believe in karma. I sort of half-believe in it in the hope that it’s actually real. Anyway, I was on the train back from Cleveland and we were stopped at some station where this kid was trying to get off, but the doors seemed to be broken or something because he tried one set that wouldn’t open, then went to the doors at the other end of the carriage just to find that they didn’t work either, so he ended up having to go to the next carriage. There was this one guy in the first carriage mentioned (where I was) that was on the phone to his friend or someone, and he was laughing his head off while telling them about the kid totally freaking out about not being able to get off the train. Lo and behold! When that guy wanted to get off the train, the doors wouldn’t open for him either and he ended up not being able to get off until the next stop after moving to the next carriage. Sure, he didn’t seemed too worried about it, but I found it amusing.

For those who do not know and are wondering, I was in Cleveland for my "experiential placement". The train ride’s about 50 minutes from Buranda. This actually turned out to be a good thing because I get an opportunity to sleep on the way there, and a chance to fill out some reflection stuff on the way back. Of course, I’m yet to properly master the whole sleeping-on-trains thing because falling asleep on a public train doesn’t seem right to me somehow. And, besides, I can’t really sleep sitting up with nothing to rest my head on. At first I’d thought that I might get some study done on the train, but seeing as I’ve been so tired on Thursday mornings, I’ve long since given up on that idea.

So, instead, I decided I’d get to Cleveland early on Thursday mornings to do some study in the library instead. It sort of worked on the visit before my last one – except that the book I found sometimes said stuff that sort of contradicted what our anatomy text book said. On my most recent visit there, I didn’t even bother attempting to study. But that’s mostly because I found "Atonement" on the shelves on my way in. It was actually for sale for 50 cents, and still in quite good condition, so I couldn’t resist. I read through most of the first chapter before I bought it, though. It was quite good – I even forgot to leave some time for lunch before going to placement (but that could also be attributed to my lack of sleep the night before and hence my lack of proper thinking ability, or attributed to my having eaten a whole pack of Vegie Chips before heading over and hence not being that hungry anyway).

Interestingly enough, staying up late and snacking are two things that I seem to have developed an addiction to recently. Coincidentally, I’m writing this after midnight, and after having just had a midnight snack. It’s totally not my fault, though – the biscuits were just sitting there, daring me to eat them. Of course, I didn’t give in completely. I ate about half a biscuit and left the rest of it to suffer. Yeah, I’m not going mental. But I guess I will be going to bed now, and finishing up on this tomorrow if I finish my scheduled work.

…Ok, so isotopic analysis is a bit more complicated than I first thought, but my part for the group assignment’s done now, so I’m back to this. I suppose the easiest way to summarise my semester so far is to go through my subjects, so that I will do in reverse alphabetical order (so as to not show preference of one over another, and reverse because normal order is over-used).

So, starting with PHRM1010: It’s been quite nice going to placement instead of tutorials, except that it’s so time-consuming to travel to and from placement (even though I enjoy long journeys). I do know they put some other people in the same sort of area, so it’s not like I’m suffering alone or anything (not that I’m suffering in the first place – the people at the pharmacy are so nice). And I also know other people who have to travel something like two hours from UQ by bus to get to their placement site, so, really, I’m quite fortunate. Cleveland’s such a nice area, too. The cars all stop at the zebra crossings even before you get there. You don’t get that sort of driver-to-pedestrian kindness in the inner suburbs. Well, my experience, anyway, is that you have to either be standing ready to cross or actually crossing before the cars will stop. Appreciate the little things, people!

Back to PHRM, though, the lectures have been quite interesting – learning about dermatology and drug discovery and stuff like that. Unfortunately, as there is no mid-semester exam to study/cram for, and no assignment to research for, and there have been no tutorials so far, so PHRM has basically made it’s way to the bottom of the priority list. It was a part of my hard-core-early-in-the-semester-studying, though, because I totally anticipated the whole bottom-of-the-list thing (learnt important lessons from last semester).

CHEM1020: Started off exactly like how 1030 did last semester – with all the easy high school level stuff in the first few lectures that made me sort of underestimate how hard this subject might be. Pracs have been fun (even though I haven’t been totally understanding what’s happening). And then there’s that group assignment. My group’s topic is "isotopic analysis", which I only understand on a very superficial level (shh.. don’t let them know that).

BIOL1020: I have biology first thing on Tuesday (9am), Wednesday (8am) and Thursday (8am) morning, so it’s really no wonder why it’s the subject I’m probably most sleepy in. (I’m even sleepy in the pracs, which is really bad because we’re working with bacteria, so we have to wear gloves, so I can’t rub my eyes or anything.) Surprisingly enough, though, I’ve only ever been late for a biol lecture twice this semester, and both times it was just a few minutes late before any real teaching was going on, and both times were also because I was standing around somewhere else on campus talking to people. The unfortunate thing with biol is that I understand most of the stuff in the lecture, but forget most of it shortly afterwards.

ANAT1025: Where do I even start with this? I reckon if you ask the typical pharmacy student what subject is stressing them out most, they’d say anatomy. I reckon the content’s interesting and all – it’s just that the assessment seems huge. And there are so many things to remember – not just names of muscles, bones and other body parts, but also what they do, and their position in the body relative to everything else. The prac classes have been useful for this learning (they’re not even really "practicals", though, because it’s mostly just looking at different body parts and looking at microscope slides and searching for answers to questions in the text book). For some reason, I don’t think I’ve been really grossed out by the whole looking-at-organs-from-people-no-longer-alive thing. Even working in the same room as all those cadavers and those people cutting out parts from the cadavers hasn’t really grossed me out. I either don’t fully comprehend that they used to be alive, or TV has just done such a wonderful job of desensitising me.

Speaking of TV, I was just watching SYTYCD (season 4, US). It was the performance show and verdict show before the final, and it was pretty darned awesome. Katee and Josh dance so well together (that’s an understatement, but what wouldn’t be?), so I’ll be happy if either of them win (I don’t know if it’s finished already in the US because I don’t go searching around for spoilers – it defeats the purpose of watching it with all the suspense bulit in). Oh, and tonight they had this six year old kid break-dancing on the show, and I was just in total awe the whole time.

Anyway, that’s pretty much my semester in a nut-shell …except for my time spent in a certain place with the worst misnomer ever: the Science "Learning" Centre. The name’s so ill-fitting that people are actually surprised if anyone actually manages to learn anything of substance while there. Ok, so I might be exaggerating a bit, but there is an awful lot of stuff-other-than-study going on there most of the time.

I haven’t been following the NRL or AFL as closely this year as I usually do, so I won’t write anything more than I’m glad the Broncos are doing alright, and I’m disappointed that the Lions screwed up their chance to get back in the finals after finishing the last three or so seasons on the wrong half of the competition ladder, and I’m not sure Leigh Matthews leaving now is going to help things much for next year either.

3 thoughts on “my 1879 word distraction

  1. I can\’t believe i read all this at 4 in the morning…I actually read all approx. 2k of your words…Suprized?Well my Pharmer friends hates STAT atm…it\’s a killer they say. But I don\’t know. Everyone has different taste hey?Now that I commented on your blog, try and guess who I am.Don\’t worry, I\’m not some random. I\’m actually someone that you know.No I\’m not stalking you =.=" I was just bored and decided to read your blog as my entertainment. 😛

  2. Hey Sharon! Get this, I\’m actually back onto the blogging scene again! (however temporary that may be)I can\’t believe you\’re not grossed out by the… cadavers! ~shivers~ I think I would faint if I were in your position. But anyway, good for you for not being as light-headed as me!Sounds like you have got a good grip of your studies at the moment. I used to live at Wellington Point, it was quite tranquil indeed… but yeah. travelling there is rather far eh? Oh and midnight snacking!!! I can\’t even remember the countless times I did it when I was in Yr 12, and no, it wasn\’t HALF A BISCUIT you crazy person with crazy self-control! I would eat a whole slice of bread, or probably two tim tams, or something equally as unhealthy in proportions you would expect a person lacking in self-discipline (like moi) would engulf.

  3. Hi Sharon!
    I don\’t know how you manage to write so much! Not that it\’s a bad thing or anything…yay! you\’ve been watching SYTYCD as well! The final was sometime in July I think. I was trying to procrastinate the other day so I went snooping around. IT wasn\’t such a good idea since I found out who won but they deserved to win so it was okay. Have you been watching NCIS? I can\’t beleive they killed off Jenny! >< They better not kill off Gibbs as well…but that\’s kind of unlikely cuz then the show would be pretty much nothing. I also agree with Bonnie how can you eat half a biscuit and just leave it there?!

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