bubbles and fairy floss

I would like to start off by saying how totally relieved I am to find out that I have actually managed to pass all of my exams. I am especially relieved to have passed the PHRM1010 exam, which was the most horrible exam I’ve had in a very, very long time. And, unlike some people, I don’t say exams are horrible unless they really are. The time between the exam and the release of results was basically spent trying to forget all about it. This was so successful, in fact, that the other day, when asked if pharmacy is easy, I actually replied in the affirmative before someone reminded me of how horrible the exam was (see, I’m not the only one who thought it was horrible). If you think that I probably aced the exam (like those English and Modern History essay exams that I thought were pretty bad but ended up with quite a good result), I was nowhere near acing the exam. In actuality, I only got 67.5%. But that is much better than what I expected to get for it, so hooray for me. And if I start slacking off next semester, can someone kindly remind me of this horrible exam and the not-knowing-whether-or-not-I-passed-ness?

Oh, and the other exams were OK, too.

In case you were wondering, I have been doing more over the last week or whatever than just rocking back and forth in the foetal position trying to block out memories of that horrible exam (I actually didn’t do this at all – my mental health is much better than that, thank-you). Here, in no particular order, is the abridged version of what I’ve done thus far into the holidays: watched TV (all the usual shows, which is basically half the ones on Channel Ten with a few from the other networks), played internet games (mostly those ones off miniclip that you play for a while before getting bored or frustrated and moving on to another one), started reading more books (it’s been so long since I’ve read a full novel! Currently reading ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ by Baroness Orczy – her full name has, like, seven names in it, so I only remember the last one), played PS2 games (mostly ‘Tekken’ but really want to finish ‘The Simpsons Game’ already), watched random stuff on YouTube (some of it wasn’t actually random, though, like when I was watching all those MVs of songs I used to like – and still like – such as ‘The animal song’, ‘You get what you give’ and ‘Together again’, which are all great clips. Also watched ‘Viva forever’, which I still think is weird and spooky), read forums on the net (it’s nice to know there are people much more fanatical than me… actually, the fanaticism sometimes borders on obsessive and disturbing, so it’s not always nice to know about), played sport (this mostly consists of playing footy in the backyard, but that counts all the same), started writing another story (I seem to do this every holiday and never manage to finish it before the next semester starts – there’s just not enough time and too many other things to do), and went to random places with random people on random days (pretty self-explanatory, really).

Other stuff I’ve done include: staying up late basically every night, sleeping in on most days, and trying to avoid having to write anything in this thing (which is almost too easy, because the internet stuffed up when I was going to publish an entry the other day, and I haven’t had much time anyway). And there’s other stuff that I cannot trouble myself to note here, so I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Keep it clean! and try to include a fire-breathing griffin and an outer-space farm if you can (you know, keep it interesting).

I just had a look at the pharmacy timetable for semester two. I don’t know if it’s the final official one or whatever, but I hope it’s not because it is just so full of… stuff. The worst day’s probably Wednesday when I have four lectures in a row from 8am to 12pm and an anatomy prac at 1pm. How can they give us two 12pm starts last semester and then expect us to make it on time for two 8am starts next semester? Don’t they know some people have an incredible ability to ignore everything of the waking world when they’re sleeping? We can’t even go to different lecture streams because (my understanding is) there’s only one, and our timetable’s so full, we probably couldn’t fit anything else in anyway. (Alas! I may have to stop going to other people’s lectures simply for my own amusement.) The obvious solution is, of course, to just skip the lectures. This is especially good if they continue with lectopia (although lecturers are always saying you shouldn’t substitute lectures with the recordings). But, regardless of how much I might complain, I have no intention of skipping lectures (although I won’t rule out the possibility of accidentally missing out on lectures either). Probably the only good thing about the timetable is that lunchtimes are pretty consistent – 1pm on all days except Wednesday when it’s at 12pm.

I guess I should probably now explain the bubbles and fairy floss mentioned in the title. Well, the thing with that is I needed a title for this thing to publish but am clearly too lazy to think of a title befitting the contents of this entry, so I just used the first thing that came to mind. (Again, as far as I know, my mental health is quite alright, thank-you.) For those of you who had been impatiently reading through this just to read my opinion of bubbles and fairy floss, I guess it would be a shame to disappoint you. I have good memories of bubble-blowing as a kid – all those hours spent in the backyard blowing bubbles and watching them disappear from sight – so my opinion of bubbles is quite good. Fairy floss, on the other hand, is just sugar (not saying there’s anything wrong with sugar) and just melts away in your mouth; there’s just no substance. So, while fairy floss is OK, I could probably live without it. Actually, I could probably live without bubbles, but that takes the fun out of washing hands.

Feel free to post a comment entirely about bubbles and/or fairy floss. They rarely get a mention in any sort of conversation or discussion, so this is a chance for you to do your bit for freedom of speech. (Yeah, sure, that makes sense.) Alternatively, you could find your own random, oppressed topic and wrest it free from the clutches of silence and censorship!


One thought on “bubbles and fairy floss

  1. whoa all your blog entries are so long…not that I\’m complaining =) the thing I don\’t like about fairy floss is the icky feeling you get when it kind of hardens in your mouth and then you hard really get rid of it cuz it just sticks..
    but anyway! your timetable sounds is so packed! I thought I had it bad when my slow internet got owned by everyone elses when we were doing our timetables online…still got okay times though..my earliest class is at 10am which is better than last semesters 8am start

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