stress, footy, driving and drugs

Well, haven’t these last two or so days been nice? All that "stress" I had last week has dissipated away. But, yes, I still have those same four assignments (three group/pair ones that are near impossible to coordinate and one I have to do on my own and wish I could do in a group/pair until I remember how insane the other assignments are).

I have two theories about where my stress has gone off to:

1. Stress has murdered motivation and focus, buried the corpses and is now in hiding. (If that’s too confusing for you – and I’m not sure it makes sense, myself – I mean to say that I feel less motivated ("totally unmotivated" wouldn’t be quite right) and this is possibly a result of the prolonged stress that is uni.)
2. Realisaton (of just how unnecessary all that stress was) has sent stress into exile, pending execution.
The real reason’s probably somewhere between those two theories. Plus this long weekend (huge thank-you to all those ANZACs for that – it’s greatly appreciated – and of course I’m not only referring to the public holiday – gosh!). And also footy. That was a great Broncos match last night – not because they got a load of tries but because it was great seeing players like Justin Hodges and Tonie Carroll play on after injury and the Rabbitohs still not being able to win in all their desperation. Oh, and I spent maybe an hour kicking a football around yesterday in the backyard. Don’t remember the last time I did that. Had to re-inflate the footy because it deflated from sitting in the garage for so long.

Typical me-in-the-midst-of-footy-season, going from uni stress to footy in a single thought train (almost adjacent carriages, too).

There’s something I’ve noticed at uni – there have been quite a few people wearing black-and-white striped shirts. What is this? A gaol? Or did I just miss the "everyone wear black-and-white striped shirts" memo? At any length, I think it’s been dying down, so maybe everyone will go with the orange coveralls look in the next week or so…
Been doing some more driving today. Would like to think I have properly mastered the three-point turn in that two-car-wide street next to my house. I also do alright with reverse parking but don’t know if I just fluked it, so I’ll be a bit more humble here. And, yes, more crazy swerving. Honestly, I was just glancing in the mirrors and into the blindspot to make sure it was safe to change lanes and the next thing I know there’s some slight bend or something in the road and half the car’s in the other lane before I even signalled. Do you think there’s a reason why relatives don’t have time to take me driving except on weekends when there are less cars on the road?
Do you feel like a bit of mild shock/suspicion-of-double-meaning? Here is the horrible truth: I have consumed drugs on a daily basis for my entire life. You have, too.
In fact, everyone that doesn’t starve does it. We (as in pharm people) recently learnt that "drugs" are considered to be anything that is ingested and sets off physiological processes in the body that would not otherwise happen. When you eat, you make your body do stuff that it wouldn’t do if you hadn’t eaten, so food is a "drug". It’s a nice technicality to use if you want to make annoucements like "I’ve prepared some drugs for the get-together" or "I saw the prime minister taking drugs yesterday". (Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen footage of K-Rudd eating. Not that there’s really much reason why anyone should (or would even want to) watch him eat. Has anyone else seen that footage of Brendan Nelson singing that ridiculous Brendan Nelson song? I just want to know how on earth whatever radio station that was got him to partake in such a ridiculous thing with a camera in the room. On another note, wasn’t it great the other day when they announced that Nelson was back on double-digits in the preferred PM poll?)


4 thoughts on “stress, footy, driving and drugs

  1. yay for two long weekends in a row! thank you to whoever jumped up and down and made a fuss to let us have a day off =D
    we are all drug addicts!! i swear, someone was throwing a tantrum because there wasn\’t any meat being sold at the buddha fest o_o

  2. dude!!! i didn\’t know you blogged! the msn updater thing doesn\’t show up on your name! guess what?! i found a mistake in your blog! "everyone where black-and-white striped shirts" memo? you used the wrong where! i started doing that i have to think about which word to use before i write it especially \’know\’ and \’now\’
    yeah! i\’ve seen the footage of the brendan nelson song! they show it on rove all the time don\’t they? you\’ll be proud to know i watch rove every week now =) and referring to your previous blogs, i love bondi rescue…it\’s just like border security..there\’s always an asian =P i started watching women\’s murder club too cuz i tape ncis and i usually forget to turn it off so that gets taped as well. it\’s really good hey? anywya i should get going uni tomo ^^"

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