blah, blah, blah, lunch

I’m going to guess that not too many people watch “Women’s Murder Club”, and thus would not know that the “blah, blah, blah, lunch” thing is from that thing at the end of the credits of “Women’s Murder Club” (unless you tune in just for “Ten Late News” and catch it just because Channel Ten have a habit of running overtime). Unfortunately, the series finale is on this Tuesday – just when I was really getting into it. And in case you don’t memorise half the TV Guide (for Channel Ten at least) “Women’s Murder Club” is on Tuesday night at 9:30 after “NCIS”, which starts at 8:30, which, if I’m not mistaken, is after “Bondi Rescue”. “Women’s Murder Club” is not your average crime series – it’s brilliant. (I think it’s actually written by a guy – there’s something about guys writing stuff centred around women – especially if it’s got a lot of insight.)
“Bondi Rescue” has turned out to be a surprisingly interesting show, too. You wouldn’t expect too much scope from a show just about a bunch of lifeguards. Their job seems pretty straight-forward: rescue drowning people and… yeah… But Channel Ten wouldn’t keep showing it if people didn’t find something interesting about it – something I have only recently done because someone in my household has previously tended to change the channel or turn the TV off once “Bondi Rescue” came on. And you might say the same sort of thing (i.e. if you actually try watching it, it might turn out to be really interesting) for “Border Security” or whatever but I’ve already got my viewing planned nicely, and it might take a while to adjust.
Another show I really like is “9am with David and Kim” (also on Channel Ten), which I get to watch on Tuesday and Thursday mornings if I have nothing better to do. They can be so funny. I feel sorry for those who don’t get the chance to watch it (because it means you probably don’t have the luxury of being able to sleep in on any given weekday). On the subject of morning TV, I would like to state clearly, right here, that I reckon “Toasted TV” is way better than “Cheez TV” was. I know there are people who’d disagree but, honestly, in the dying months of the show, the hosts of “Cheez TV” seemed like they were only there because they couldn’t find some other form of employment. I used to not like “Toasted TV” that much but I soon realised that it was a much better format (with better hosts) than “Cheez TV”. Of course, it would be good if they had better cartoons that they didn’t keep swapping around.
The real frustrating thing is that Mondays are usually quite full-on for TV viewing. How do you pick between “Good News Week”, “South Park” and “Desperate Housewives”? Well, clearly, I’ve picked “Good News Week” (Monday, 8:30-ish after SYTYCD) because I’ve been hooked since the first episode, but it’s such a shame that I haven’t watched a full episode of “South Park” in AGES. In regard to DH: I reckon the first season was way better than wherever it’s gone now – it’s getting enough madness to become a soap opera – but it’s still amusing.
And while I’m at it, I guess I ought to give my two cents worth to this “So you think you can dance – Australia” anti-hype. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that the Australian version is as good as or better than the American one. I reckon that could possibly be because the American one set the standard, so people sort of reject anything different from that (like all those “amalgamated dance styles”). I reckon the Australian series has done alright for first time ’round – when it’s mediocre, it’s pretty damn mediocre but when it’s good, it’s really good. (By the way, I’m hoping Jack will win because he’s a Queenslander… and dances well. Of course I’m not going to vote, though.)
Say.. did anyone happen to watch that Lions v Port Adelaide match last night? I watched the first half, in which the Lions weren’t so crash-hot, and switched off. I woke up this morning thinking it would’ve taken a miracle for the Lions to make a comeback, so I was incredibly surprised (and happy!) to see the sports cover on the Sunday Mail today. They were 47 points down at the worst point of the game but came back to win by 20 points – I think they said that was the greatest comeback in AFL history or something. Brilliant. Except that I missed it. Phooey.
And in case anyone so happened to get the wrong impression from all this, I did NOT spend my entire last week sitting in front of the TV (clearly, if I did, I wouldn’t have missed out on the Lions’ comeback victory).

2 thoughts on “blah, blah, blah, lunch

  1. wow, sharon\’s always so updated about tv! haha, i\’ll know who to run to for reviews in the future

  2. i know this is a late comment but I TOTALLY AGREE ABOUT FRUSTRATING MONDAYS.i was sitting there flicking through the 3 different channels, unable to decide whether i\’d watch another comedian make fun of the news, watch Cartman land himself into trouble again, or see how a housewife would wiggle her way out of a complicated relationship.
    i want jack to win too! i didn\’t notice him before because he seemed to be just like every other dancer, but now he\’s my favourite of the 4 going into the grand final.

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