procrastination~ woot~!

Just some pointless trivia that you may or may not already know: “woot” was actually inducted into the Oxford or some other well-known dictionary recently because it was voted in because people use it so much. (That’s the problem with well-known companies/institutions/brands producing the same sort of product – sometimes you can’t differentiate between them. What did we call this in Economics? Oligopolies something something… something?)
Just so it is prefectly clear (no, I do not intend to start every single paragraph with the word “just”… although I could give it a try… just need to not start new paragraphs.. two paragraphs – both start with “just”), I am, indeed, writing this as a means of procrastination (I’m guessing that whoever reads this (yeah, fine, read it then!) is probably procrastinating, too) – even though I’m not even totally sure what it is I should be doing or studying. Last I checked (Thursday), they hadn’t put up the lecture notes for next week, so can’t read those (yeah, sure, I could check again now, but then I would be obliged to read through them, which totally defeats the purpose of this – if you’re going to start something, commit to it!). Sister says text books are not as good as lecture notes, so can’t really be bothered reading it (I only have the biology one that my sister used last year – will have to buy some PHRM1020 ones but can’t be bothered buying any others).
Just because writing ridiculously long paragraphs that have five different topics in them is totally against everything I’ve learnt about good paragraph writing, I am starting this new paragraph. And, just because I figured I ought to at least try to stick with the “just” thing for one more paragraph, I started this one with “just”. (Man, I am so sick of that word now – it will not appear any more in this entry.) Now, that is some good procrastination – writing two and a half paragraphs before getting to the point of this. Seeing as everyone is so incredibly busy with studying or doing nothing or whatever, I thought I’d try to summarise and compact my entire first week of uni into a few paragraphs (and really, by that, I mean that I am going to make very little effort to do any sort of compacting and might, instead, add in stuff to make it all unnecessarily long like I have in the last two paragraphs, which, really, are not that long at all and, if you really are procrastinating or bored, should be grateful for).
More clarifcation: I do not encourage procrastination – it’s OK from time to time. Like cookies (or “biscuits” if you insist on being exclusive of American terminology) – they are a sometimes food – they’re OK from time to time and everyone likes cookies, but no one’s encouraging people to binge eat cookies or something.
All right, Monday: Got to UQ at 8:30 for a nine o’clock lecture (typical first years show up horribly early for everything). Saw the group of ducklings with their parents in the refec area (of all places!) – so increndibly cute. CHEM1030 lecture at 9, PHRM1010 tutorial at 11 and BIOL1040 prac at 2 (odd weeks). Dissecting the toad was so awesome because it was still ‘alive’ (it was brain-dead, so it didn’t feel any pain) and everytime you poked a nerve, it would twitch. And you could see it’s heart pumping at different rates (I reckon it did actually slow down when we left it for a while and then sped up when we started prodding it again).
Tuesday: Had PHRM1020 (at 12 – sleep in!) and BIOL1040 (1) and PHRM1010 (3) lectures. No tutorials or pracs. In all these introductory lectures, it always seemed like everyone was most interested in the slide about assessment and what percentages everything’s worth, which, coincidentally, I was least interested in because it’s only the first week and you can find all that information on the website somewhere. (Gosh! Most of the time I’m on my-SInet or myUQ or blackboard or something, I hardly even know what I’m doing there but feel that I should be there anyway because Pharmacy people send so many emails telling us about them. But, yeah, the assessment stuff’s, like, under ECP or something.) And, yeah, this was the day that I sort of went to the wrong lecture – not because I was lost, but because the pharmacy people stuffed up the venue allocation on the timetable.
Wednesday: I still don’t know what “student common time” is (OMG, I almost forgot how to spell “common” – I first typed it as “commen” and then stopped to stare at it because it didn’t seem right) – I reckon it’s just there so that we get the minimum required hours for the course or whatever. PHRM1010 (10am), CHEM1030 (11am) and BIOL1040 (1pm). On some other weeks, I’d have a PHRM1020 tutorial at 3:30 or something. Some guy sitting in front of me was playing “Chess Titans” on his laptop during the Chem lecture. Don’t know if he actually won because I was paying attention to the lecturer and trying to understand all the stuff that some people, for some bizarre reason, think I should be comfortable with.
Thursday: Yet another 12pm start (that’s noon, yeah? Used to get confused about which should be AM and which should be PM… and people actually think I’m smart!). CHEM1030 (12) and BIOL1040 (1) and PHRM1020 (2) lectures all in a row. Found what I am going to call a secret staircase leading into room 139 of the Goddard building. Took a chance going up it because I wasn’t sure it led anywhere, and then some other people started following me… until they saw the staircase that they evidently didn’t think led anywhere… but it did (thank goodness the doors weren’t both locked!).
Friday: On certain weeks, which I probably should know but don’t, I’d have an 8am PHRM1020 tutorial or something (it’s the most screwed up part of the pharmacy timetable because you have to look at, like, three different documents to properly know when to go and when not to go). But, because this week was not one of those weeks I had to go, I only had a CHEM1030 prac at 10am. And, because it was only the introductory safety thingo, it only took half an hour. That seemed sort of pathetic – going to uni for only half an hour – so I wandered around doing nothing in particular. Uni seemed really empty on Friday, so didn’t know if I’d find other bored people who came for one thing and also thought that was rather lame or whatever. Found Jessica and Chi (more like they found me) and Rui… and went wandering around the architecture places…
Well, that was fun.
I met so many people in these last two weeks. Way too many names to remember (but I have been trying this thing that I learnt from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” – that was such a funny show.. can’t believe it’s off air now – where, when you meet new people, and they tell you their name, you repeat it out loud, so that it sticks in your memory better. Oh, all the wonderfully useful things I learn from TV~! I reckon it works, too). Of course, it’s a bit pointless if you remember their name but forget what they look like or vice versa.

5 thoughts on “procrastination~ woot~!

  1. Holy crabby-patties! Didn\’t realise I got so carried away there… Anyone bothered to do a word count?

  2. wow… talk about procrastination. haha, i think i was still asleep at 1pm…. yea, i was really really tired ^^"
    just reading lecture notes makes me feel like i\’m not really doing anything and it makes me feel guilty… coz i always feel like there\’s a test just around the corner >< so i decided that i should actually read and summarise my text. which was extremely hard to do coz i still dunno where my brain wandered off to during the holidays and also i found it incredibly hard to concentrate for such a long time ==" in the end, it took me more than 3hrs to finish one chapter. not including the any questions.
    anywhoooo, i always repeat pplz name when they tell me it coz… i dunno why actually… i just do… hmmm… i\’ve only ever seen like two eps of queer eye, i liked what i saw, i want it back too! 😀

  3. i always repeat people\’s name as well because with earphones stuck to my ears all day, my music is way too loud to be considered healthy and my hearing is slowly disintegrating. if i don\’t repeat, i\’ll think a name is sherwang instead of shiwan.

  4. mm mm..boy am i grateful for your procrastination-time-extending blog. yes i have 100 drawings to complete by tomorrow and here i am WOOTbiscuits and cookies are different!!! biscuits tend to be hard and dry, but cookies are usually soft and moist.YOU WENT TO A LECTURE 30 MINS EARLY?!!!! you are insane sharon….LOL…usually i am on time for a lecture, or late. not my fault the stupid bus is so unpreditable.OMG YOU GOT TO DISSECT A TOAD!!! I WANT TO DO THAT!!! lol..LMAO i also have some difficulty remembering people\’s names..but i\’m good with i go up to them and i\’m like "hi! er….." and they look at me strangely HAHHAH

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