in your dreams

Well (do I use that word a lot?), in MY dreams, actually because clearly I do not go around to people’s houses in the middle of the night or in the early, early morning and watch everyone’s dream bubbles. And, yes, I am talking about acutal dreams here.
I’ve had freaky dreams before: ones where I know I’m dreaming, dreams within dreams and even one dream that turned out almost premonition-like (quite sure this was in grade 10 and had something to do with English). But, I guess, this one can just be added to the list.
Oh, sometime during these holidays.. forgot when exactly now… noted it down somewhere.. Anyway, sometime during these holidays, I actually had an animated-cartoon type dream (i.e. the whole dream was animated with fictional characters and stuff). It was all random nothingness (I think there was a fight scene somewhere..) but like I care. And, no, I have not been watching heaps of cartoons, so it couldn’t have been that filtering into my subconscious.Going back to that dream I had last night… Here’s basically how it played out:

Me: [at some random shop presumably in Brisbane.. think it could have been some sort of Disney shop but don’t really remember those details]
JT: [casually walks into shop and starts looking at whatever it is that I’m looking at] (yeah, there was the whole greeting/acknowledgement thing but I don’t really remember that part)
Me: ‘Aren’t you supposed to be in Japan or somewhere?’
JT: [says this real casually like it’s perfectly normal and whatever] ‘Yeah… but this is only a dream’
I don’t know… it just seemed freaky to me because in the dream I thought everything was real.. like you know how dreams seem real..?
I did have this other dream last night. Totally separate from that one. Everyone was back in F Block (I think it was supposed to be like in the middle of the school year or something) because Ms Underwood randomly wanted us to play indoor soccer or some crazy thing but no one cared because we all finished assessment for the term or whatever. That doesn’t count as one of my freaky dreams, by the way – that’s just weird and random.

3 thoughts on “in your dreams

  1. Sharon!
    Believe me, I have weird dreams EVERY night. Except those nights when I stay up or when I\’m extremely tired. That doesn\’t happen often. My dreams range from school (where everything is some how really real) to weird train stations where the train seems to be going to a certain place but I always end up somewhere else. Oh and sometimes I have the same dream for a few days. AND my dreams can connect…I can cry, laugh, be angry in my dream. Man, I think I need to see a specialist…but nevertheless, I actually enjoy having dreams, because I know that every night I will experience a new adventure. 😛 Just enjoy it.

  2. OMG!!! I HAVEN\’T DREAMT IN AGEEEEES! Hmmm… the last dream I had… I think it was something to do with Delta… do do…

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