that wonderful waste of time

Well, it seems that I have kept myself quite busy this last week and, in doing so, I have re-affirmed that commuting is one of the greatest, most wonderful time wasters I know. I was at school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to work on senior video (if anyone wants to come visit me in the library/research centre this coming week (except maybe Monday when I probably won’t be there) you are more than welcome to drop by – especially if you know how to use Sony Vegas Movie Studio or whatever it’s called and would like to help with the editing process. And, by the way, you’re supposed to buy/collect senior video next year when you go get the school magazine), so travel has been fairly routine/regular, and that, in a way, is why I like to commute so much.

It is something that must be done and cannot be avoided or put off if you intend to go through with whatever you had planned to do at your destination. But unless you’re going to be travelling for a VERY long time, you can’t REALLY do anything on the way. (And here, I’m sure, some people will object and think of all the incredibly productive stuff they do while travelling. But, you see, I’ve been catching the bus, so I sort of need to pay attention to where the bus is so I remember to press the bell thingo and get off at the right stop – honestly, I reckon I would have missed my stop on Tuesday if someone else hadn’t pressed the stop thingo and brought me back to earth. And, besides, my trips aren’t usually very long, so there’s not much point bringing a book to only read half a page – I sometimes get headaches from reading in moving vehicles anyway – except planes because you don’t really "feel" them moving except for take off, landing and when you hit turbulence.)

So, when I am busy, as I was this past week, and even when I am not, but especially so when I am, I regard commuting – or just going SOMEWHERE – as a wonderful opportunity to just let my mind wander (and hence my being quite lucky at having never missed my stop before). I especially like long car/bus trips or journeys of unknown/un-estimated duration. I know sometimes during the school year when I had something important/urgent (ha, that reminds me of BCT, which in turn reminds me of those damn textbooks no one would buy this morning, which then reminds of that friggin’ ant bite I got from standing around the grass area in front of E Block, etc etc – don’t you just love thought trains?) to do – either at school or at home after school – I would think of how great it would be if I didn’t have to bother with commuting and could just magically arrive at wherever I wanted to go. But even such times were rare because I would usually use the time to/from school to plan or think about what I was going to do at school/home, and one thought would lead to another and I would keep myself thus pre-occupied.

Despite my relatively recent development of appreciation of "doing nothing", I generally like to keep myself busy, so it’s nice to be almost forced to just sit and not do anything for however many minutes every day while on a bus, car or some other form of transport (I don’t usually use any other form of transport, do I? Does walking count? Oh, whatever).

So… does anyone feel like… going somewhere…?

P.S. I will actually be going to Melbourne in January, so I have two or so hours of nothing-ness to look forward to. (Of course, I am not referring to my acutal stay in Melbourne – I’m staying there for three weeks, after all.)


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