Sunday morning rain is falling…

Well, it was. At least I think it was. It’s pretty darned cloudy and wet out there anyway. But that’s not the point. Some people might notice that I have added songs to my Music List (‘Sunday morning’ included). Also added to the list is ‘Bad day’ by Daniel Powter, which I hadn’t heard for ages until that day (Wednesday?) at that-place-we-always-end-up-going-to where they were playing random songs. I still remember the video clip for the song – some guy and girl graffiti-ing on a billboard thingo in a subway station (it’s actually quite sweet but I can’t be bothered going into detail about what happens). But, anyway, this is not the point I’m trying to make either.

I like Sundays. Sleep in (I actually woke up before 8 this morning but in such cases I’ll usually just lie in bed doing nothing until a bit later – perhaps this is how I find time to ponder), eat breakfast while watching ‘Weekend Sunrise’ (I rarely watch ‘Sunrise’ on other days – there are always better things on), read the paper (strangely enough, I usually start reading the paper from the back – the sports section – but have sort of stopped doing this since the main footy seasons have ended), do nothing in particular. (Maybe I should start ‘the Association for the Appreciation of the Absence of Activity’. I would have just used “Appreciation of doing Nothing” but it wouldn’t abbreviate as nicely as “AAAA”. But even that looks weird, so scrap that.) I think I ought to get to the point now because this wasn’t the point either.

The point of this is as follows: As I seem to have gotten into a habit or “routine” of updating this thing on Sundays, it might be useful for me to inform whosoever is so bored as to actually sift through this that I do intend to continue this “routine” through the holidays, at least, provided I have something to ramble on about, which should not be a problem considering how I like to get side-tracked and either put a whole lot of side notes in parentheses/brackets (honestly, does anyone care what I call them?) or construct seemingly never-ending and seemingly-pointless compound sentences.

One thought on “Sunday morning rain is falling…

  1. haha… now I see Sharon as the philosopher. Not quite the priest though.. I wonder why Yuanna calls you that.

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